Household Game: Heavy Metal Edition

Seven steely ways to spiff up your living room

By The Editors

We Think Your Home Needs More Metal
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26 February 2016

We’ve all been there: you move into a new place and buy some cheap Craigslist wares to “hold you over” till you get settled. Two years later, you’re still sitting on the same slipshod folding chairs and finding increasingly creative ways to store your books, mail and hang-ables. That’s why we created Household Game, a bi-weekly curation of handsome, hard-wearing living room upgrades at a range of price points.

This week: let’s get metal.

In moderation, metal furniture can add some nice contrast and a dose of effortless cool to an otherwise woodier, more rugged space. Gone unchecked, it can leave your room looking like the set of a bad sci-fi flick. Today, an array of objects geared towards the former end of the spectrum.

Metal Shelves by fermLIVING | $31

Stylish, minimal and sturdy, these powder-coated beauts will add an industrial touch to your home and help keep clutter to a minimum.

Framed Richard Diebenkorn Print | $148

This art print from MoMA is a steal. It comes laminated and ready-to-hang in a hand-stained frame — and all for under $150. Not metal, sure, but the warm tones will complement any room.

DODO Pendant Lamp by Seed Design | $180

Inspired by the bird (RIP little buddy), this Pixar-esque lamp will bring character (and, uh, light) to your space. Floor, tabletop, hanging — it matters not. Grab a few: the slim base and cord leave a small footprint, and they work best in tandem.

Rosalie Chair by Harto | $281

This chair is a triple threat: strong silhouette, sturdy as horse and finished in a palette that’ll definitely turn heads. A single will add a splash of color to your space, a set will elicit some “Where’d you get those?” from guests.

Louvre Coffee Table from Furniture Maison | $589

Flashy works for some things, but we recommend a more classic approach when it comes to the centerpiece. This coffee table has you covered: perfect for kicking up your feet or hosting a makeshift buffet come game day.

Hai Chair Mosaic | $999

Overstuffed cushions balanced by a sleek metal frame, what better place to spend a Saturday morning? Or a Sunday afternoon? Or every evening, forever?

T15 Mezzanine Loft Kit | $2,400

We know we just said take a “more classic approach” one minute ago, but ... that was before the loft. Can function as an extra bedroom, library, office or lounge.

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