Absolute Legend Dives Into Moving Car to Save Unconscious Driver

Ladies and gentlemen, Randy Motherlovin' Tompkins

By Evan Bleier

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09 June 2017

To save a life, you not only have to be in the right place at the right time, you also need to be the right kind of person for the job. 

As he showed last week on a stretch of road in Illinois, Randy Tompkins is that kind of person.

Tompkins was out for a drive with his wife in the city of Dixon when he saw a car that was going the wrong direction bearing down on his truck. As he maneuvered his vehicle out of the way, the 39-year-old saw that the car’s driver was unconscious. After assessing the situation, he reacted.

(You can see what he did at about the 30-second mark of the dash cam video above.)

After jumping in the unconscious driver’s car and realizing he was having a seizure, Tompkins put his fingers in the guy’s mouth while simultaneously stopping his car. Or, as he put it afterwards, “just did what had to be done.” Just saving stranger’s lives, you know, NBD.

"We see quite a few medical-related accidents, but we see them after the fact," said witness Officer Lincoln Sharp. "I've never seen anything like this while it was actually happening."

That’s because there’s only one Randy Tompkins to go around. Tip of the cap to you, good sir.

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