Have Beautiful Women, Will Travel

Four new books from the ladies at Live FAST Mag

By The Editors

These Books Have Beautiful Women, Will Travel
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12 February 2016

While the rest of us have been toiling away in the proverbial salt mines, the lovely ladies at Live FAST Mag were busy ballooning over Turkey and surfing in Zihuatanejo.

And sampling sexy lingerie.

They were kind enough to document these pursuits with stunning images and before binding them all into four gorgeous, photo-heavy travelogues that any man or woman would be pleased to place in their home. Each is available for sale online, but should you be in Los Angeles, they’ll be debuting at the L.A. Art Book Fair (booth G08) this weekend. Consider it a good, very last-minute Valentine’s Day gift.

Smoke and Honey

This trek from Turkey to Croatia is filled with balloon rides, large breakfasts with endless pots of coffee and boat rides across the Sea of Marmara. “The Smoke and Honey title is inspired by many breakfasts we had in Cappadocia at The House Hotel,” says Live FAST founder Vivianne Lapointe. “During meals, they burn wood in ashtrays on the table to repel bees. Turkish breakfast is a perfect mix of savory and sweet, and always has a pot of honey.” Shot by Laura Austin and Ali Mitton, this dreamy book is full of soft, pastel images.


Meet Me In Zihuatanejo

Overheard in the gym: “My wife and I just canceled our trip to Mexico. Zika, man.” Fair enough. But Meet Me In Zihuatanejo may compel you to reconsider the risks. Taken from a line in Shawshank Redemption, this book is the modern manifestation of how to split the rat race in style. Shot by Magdalena Wosinska, with words by Madison O’Neill, Meet Me shows the area’s hidden gems by way of beautiful women surfing, sunbathing and sipping hand-squeezed OJ.


The Blooms and The Bees

Victoria’s Secret catalogues be damned. Live FAST’s new lingerie book — which is shoppable on their website — is more a playful ode to erotica than a lookbook for eight underpants brands. The closing quote kind of sums it up: “Handle a woman as a bee does a flower: extract her sweetness, but do not damage her.” Shot by Kava Gorna, its 120 pages are lush and lustful.


Glory Hole

If millennial America’s eating habits could be summed up in one emoji, it’d be the slice of pizza. In Glory Hole, artist and illustrator Gosha Levochkin takes our favorite food to some grimy places, including the titular pleasure stalls. Live FAST’s first art book is a 37-page stapled A5 zine painted in watercolor.


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