Real Thing: Gin Infused With Vintage Harley-Davidson Parts

Yep. Actual auto parts. Inside the bottle.

By Evan Bleier

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10 August 2017

Gin is a versatile spirit, if not a delicate one.

It can be enjoyed on it own, mixed as one part of a complex cocktail or simply slightly teased with a lemon peel and a splash of tonic water. 

Or, uh, it can be infused with vintage Harley-Davidson parts? Yes, really. We're talking actual auto parts inside the bottle. That's Archaeologist gin

Dreamed up by German gearhead Uwe Ehinger, The Archaeologist was conceived as a way to preserve the motorcycle parts he couldn't use. These include odds and ends like 1939 flathead camshafts. 1947 knucklehead screw-nuts from Chile. Also 1962 panhead rocker arms from South Korea. Each Archaeologist bottle is custom-made from clear glass.

For tasting notes, you can expect juniper instead of grease and grime because all of the pieces are cleaned and sealed with a tin alloy before being deposited into an Archaeologist bottle.

Priced from $1,150 to $1,300, the bottles are currently out of stock on Ehinger's site, but it wouldn't hurt to email about him about getting your own bottle

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