The New Goblin Green McLaren Does a Quarter Mile in 10 Seconds

Senna has arrived, a car that lives up to its namesake

By Tanner Garrity

The New Goblin Green McLaren Does a Quarter Mile in 10 Seconds
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25 July 2018

Two-step life hack for anyone struggling to decide which color their next supercar ought to be: Take your emerald green shoe off and plant it on a designer’s desk. Then cough up $300K.  

At least, that’s the story behind Michael Fux’s recently acquired McLaren Senna. At the mattress mogul and devoted garage-filler’s creative bequest, the British automakers sourced the mean green outsole of Fux’s shoe (Fux Green) and blanketed it across the supercar. The result is equal parts clout and come-hither.

mclaren (3 images)

Fux had his Senna dropped off in Manhattan last week, and is the first person in North America to receive one, though all 500 are accounted for via presale.

It’s not too hard to tell why.

The Senna is backed by a 789-HP twin turbo engine, 4.0-liter V8. It can hit 60 MPH in 2.8 seconds, 124 in 6.8 seconds … and travel a quarter-mile in 9.9 seconds. This thing was born to tear up a track, though according to Fux, who wants to protect its value, it will probably never see one.

That’s fair enough. We’d be content to just watch those starship dihedral doors open and close all day.

Find more info on the custom McLaren Senna here, and if interested in acquiring one for your lonesome, head here.

All images from McLaren

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