Got a Passion? This Architect Will Design a House Around It

Homes for car collectors, photogs and horse breeders

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Got a Passion? This Architect Will Design a House Around It
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01 February 2016

Pretty as a picture.

A photographer commissioned international architect Alireza Razavi to build him a summer home in the French countryside suited for both work and play.

The end result? A resounding success that specifically plays to his client’s passion.

The beauty and functionality displayed in the photographer’s house — which features rooms optimized to provide maximum surface area for living, an attached but separate work studio and a wood-burning stove for good measure — is an example of Razavi’s belief that “successful designs can only materialize by fully synthesizing building technology and architectural sensitivity.”

Other projects that his innovative firm, Studio Razavi Architecture, has taken on in the past include a home for a car collector, a house for a horse breeder, plus Art Walls in Coney Island, a surfing village in California and a number of pieces of cool, minimalist furniture.

Une maison design dans les prés1:27

A Columbia grad who also holds a master’s degree from the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Razavi founded his firm in 2008, has offices in New York and France, and has had his work featured in, among other places, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal and the architecture mag DETAIL

Razavi, who has engineering and architecture in his blood thanks to his father and grandfather, said his firm will listen to clients and then offer solutions that can then be revised or accepted.

That said, he’s the artist here.

“We remain the driving force. We try and push as much as we can for what we feel is right,” he says. “I believe this is what we are paid for: Provide a service that best responds to a great variety of constraints, within the larger context of our architectural culture.”

Images: © Olivier-Martin Gambier

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