GoPro Just 86’d Half Their Lineup. Let’s Talk Alternatives.

Five handy action cams that are raising the bar

By The Editors

Five Handy Action Cams That Are Raising the Bar
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10 February 2016

If you were thinking about picking up a new GoPro camera, you might want to do so posthaste. The action cam giant just announced they’re discontinuing all of their entry-level shooters, leaving just the Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Session (the cheapest of which starts around $200).

So what exactly happened? They flooded the market, resulting in a $57 million loss related to excess order commitments and too much inventory. Bad look for GoPro, good look for everyone else.

To wit: five commendable alternatives that are equally deserving of your adrenaline-starved ducats.

Polaroid Cube+

Ultra-small, well-designed and ergonomic. Added bonus: WiFi capabilities to help you record and rip on the go. BUY IT HERE

Contour Roam3

A rugged camera with a nifty slide-to-record switch. Waterproof up to 30 feet. Also features a laser level projector that ensures your shots are straight. BUY IT HERE


A promising entry-level option with recent crowdfunding success. Finger-sized, with just one button. Waterproof. And a wide-angle lens ensures you capture all the action despite its Lilliputian proportions. PRE-ORDER IT HERE

TomTom Bandit Camera

One of the best GoPro alternatives on the market thanks to similar specs to the GoPro Hero4 Silver and its accompanying “shake-to-edit” mobile app. You shake, and the software automatically puts together a one-minute video for you. BUY IT HERE

Nikon KeyMission 360

Announced last month at CES, Nikon’s foray into the action camera market is worth keeping tabs on. It’s a 360-degree offering, shooting in 4K ultra high-def video with a field view on two sides. MORE INFO HERE

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