Google Needs Guinea Pigs for Their Wacky Products Division. You Game?

It's called Area 120. You won't find it in Maps.

By Evan Bleier

Google Needs Guinea Pigs for Their Wacky Products Division. You Game?
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29 June 2017

It’s not as serious as Area 51, but Google has its own area it’s been keeping under wraps: Area 120.

That changed earlier this week when — in tandem with the release of a virtual reality advertising platform — Google quietly launched a dedicated Area 120 site  and opened the floodgates for subscribers.

Named after Google’s philosophy to allow employees use 20% of their time to work on passion projects, Area 120 functions like a startup incubator that operates internally. Once accepted into the group, employees work on their side projects on a full-time basis for a limited time, and then can pitch them. Afterwards, Google has the option to invest.

"We build, launch, and iterate on dozens of novel ideas that might otherwise not be explored," according to Area 120’s webpage. “Most of these experiments will fail. But our teams succeed when we test the limits and learn something new.”

So what does that mean for you?

Currently, not a whole lot. Except that since Area 120 is now becoming public, they’re looking for people to test out the stuff they come up with, likely apps and software and such.

If you feel like volunteering, we’d suggest reading the testing agreement before signing up.

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