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Ghurka: Now furnishing your home

  • 04 June 2014

Let us now raise a cup of tea to the British Raj.

Besides inventing khaki pants — you’re welcome, every frat boy ever! — the corpsmen of the Raj knew how to bivouac in grand style.

Get that style, with Ghurka’s new Campaign Furniture Collection, available online now.

You know Ghurka: travel bag aficionados. Fine leather craftsmen. Purveyors of “quiet confidence and adventurous spirit."

And now: crafters of handsome, leather-adorned tables, chairs and desks.

GhurkaEach piece in the Campaign collection shares a similar DNA: carved out of American White Oak, bedecked with solid brass hardware and a combo of supple calfskin and English bridle leathers.

The most lustworthy pieces:

Plus: an array of leather trays, pillows, stools and tray tables.

Fit for every major general.

The Specifics

Ghurka Campaign Furniture Collection

Available now

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