The North Face Founder's Private Patagonian Farm Is for Sale

Interested in buying your own personal National Park?

By Reuben Brody

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29 June 2017

Looking to enjoy one of the last bastions of pure, unsullied and verdant Mother Earth? Got $10.5 million on hand?

You could buy 1,750 acres of protected Patagonian ecosystem. It’s part of Fundo Reñihue, aka, Doug Tompkins’s Patagonian Farm, which also includes a barn and five-bedroom farmhouse. The farm has two organic gardens, fields where cattle and sheep graze and a working honey bee operation.

patagonia farm (7 images)

The house includes a workshop and a gourmet kitchen, and there’s an airstrip, too.

Developers with visions of building the next resort need not apply; Fundo Reñihue is part of a Conservation Land Trust that forbids development. There are rivers for fishing and kayaking, and a massive tract of temperate forest for hiking and nature-loving, not to mention views of Pumalin Park Sanctuary and the Michimahuida Volcano.

It's the ideal sanctuary for a naturalist with a few bucks to spend.

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