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By Kirk Miller

Visual Biographies
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08 March 2017

“One psychological barrier to learning from other people’s lives is the narrative fallacy — making a neat story out of facts that at the time of their happening made little sense.”

As stated by designers Funders and Founders ... who are attempting to do exactly this with a series of “visual biographies” on famous people. Essentially, these are a series of infographics tracing and charting the success-shaping moments of tech gurus like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (and companies like Twitter and Facebook).

In other words: These are timelines for visual learners, with a subject emphasis on entrepreneurs.

It’s good for quick facts and picking out patterns. More useful is the analysis after each infographic, where F&F does a (non-visual) deep dive into their subjects — for example, they highlight how Musk’s hatred of his father, the time he received his first computer and how his love of physical work shaped him as a tech leader. It then applies this knowledge in a section called “How can I use this?”

Pretty cool.

(H/t Product Hunt)

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