The '80s Called — They've Got Some Hiking Boots to Sell You

Fronteer makes hiking gear straight outta the Reagan era

By Evan Bleier

The '80s Called — They've Got Some Hiking Boots to Sell You
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14 July 2017

Fashion trends can change in a hot minute, and every new look garners the "I wore that when it was popular the first time!" meaning, essentially that we are just going around in circles. There's normcore, where everyone kind of just looks like your dad. Also forever a thing are sporty-outdoorsy vintage clothes and gear. Hence the newly dubbed “gorpcore” by New York Magazine, the look is based on the premise that clothes made for utility first are actually the most stylish. Extreme bonus if you're channeling strong nostalgic aesthetic of your parents and grandparents, a la the footwear from Fronteer.

Full of chunky rubber, oversized tongues and laces, and colors that are straight out an ‘80s ski movie, the pieces in Fronteer’s footwear collection are bold and draw inspiration from lessons company founder Jon Tang learned while working as a lead designer for PUMA and K-Swiss.

Fronteer Boots (6 images)

In addition to classic sneaker design and functionality in the great outdoors, the University of Texas in Austin grad tried to infuse his shoes with touches that also recall NASA and space.

“It’s a brand that strives to incite discovery,” Tang says. “Fronteer is a willful attempt in helping the consumer discover a pursuit that absorbs them, frees them, and challenges them.”

If you wanna start dressing like the cool kids, low-top Fronteers start at $140 and the boots are a competetive $170.

Main image by Kith

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