Which One of You Hooligans Put a Fish Tank in This Supercar?

Watch out for speed bumps, sharks

By Evan Bleier

Which One of You Hooligans Put a Fish Tank in This Supercar?
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12 June 2017

Italian marque Frangivento’s new 885-HP electric supercar isn’t just fast and furious — it’s fishy. 

Designed to give its two passengers the feeling they’re taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, the pesce-influenced performance car is packing 885 electric ponies and a pair of saltwater fish. 

In addition to the fish tank, the loft-like interior of the Charlotte Roadster is not scaled back in the slightest and is crammed to the gills with touches like Modena paneling, custom Atelier leatherwork and controls crafted from pure silver.

Fish tank car (4 images)

All of that finesse is balanced out by a brawny electric powertrain that tops out at 189 MPH and can carry Nemo and Dory and whomever else is in the car from 0 to 60 in just 2.6 seconds .

Priced at $1.6 million, the 3,300-pound beast is the only fish of its kind in the supercar sea for now, but Frangivento claims it will start selling production models within the next two years.

Good luck hooking one.

Photos courtesy of Frangivento and Motor1.com

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