A Pair of French TV Hosts Decided to Bully Jonah Hill This Weekend

The actor canceled his French press tour after the interview

By Kirk Miller

Jonah Hill
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12 September 2016

Just because a man was sodomized by a demon on film doesn’t mean you get to be a d*ck about it.

During a weekend interview on the French TV show Grand Journal, actor Jonah Hill (War Dogs) was teased mercilessly by the hosts. First, Hill was reminded about being “sodomized by a three-meter-tall demon” in This Is the End.

“That I told myself, now THAT’s the man of my dreams!” said presenter Ornella Fleury, as Hill looked ... uncomfortable. (Her co-host’s follow-up question, “You get sodomized on a regular basis?” was ignored.)

Then, it got worse: Fleury mentioned she had a sexual fantasy involving Hill — and the crowd instantly laughed. And that was before she gave out details.

“We’d meet up in a hotel room — we would chat, you would make me laugh,” she started out. And then? “You’d bring your friends DiCaprio and Brad Pitt ... and then you’d go away!”

Hill, now less amused, gave a mock thumbs up. “I’m glad I came to this show to get ridiculed by a local weather girl,” he said. Afterwards, Hill canceled all follow-up interviews.

Given that Hill’s next project is reuniting with Emma Stone (Superbad) for a TV show directed by True Detective season one auteur Cary Fukunaga, I’d say the talented actor can do what he wants — including never going back to France.

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