The Last Remaining Ford GT40 Roadster Is Looking for Its Forever Garage

It needs daily exercise and a diet of petrol and asphalt

By Evan Bleier

The Last Remaining Ford GT40 Roadster Is Looking for Its Forever Garage
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15 August 2017

Of the 12 GT40s that Ford built to unseat Ferrari as the undisputed king at Le Mans, six of them were prototype Roadsters. And of those six, only one, coincidentally the first Roadster ever built, is still in its original roofless condition.

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As extremely rare as she is, chassis No. GT/108 is also extremely on sale. Given that it is a prototype model, not all of its features match with later GT40s, but GT/108 does have a familiar-looking Cobra-spec Ford V8 fitted with Weber carburetors under the hood.

The car’s steel chassis rides on 6.5-inch-wide wire wheels in front and a pair of 8-inch-wide wheels in the rear, all of which are wrapped in Goodyear tires. In addition to its rare open-top look, GT/108 is also the only of the first roadsters to retain its ‘65-style nose and low tail section.

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However, the car’s one-of-a-kind profile doesn’t end there. It turns out that in 1965 at the Concours d’Elegance at Newport Beach, the GT/108 took Henry Ford II for his first and only ride in a GT40 — with a gentleman named Carroll Shelby at the wheel.

“The GT/108 is one of the finest, and certainly rarest, examples of the Ford GT40 in existence,” notes GT40 historian and author of GT40: An Individual History and Race Record Ronnie Spain. “Its rarity value is stamped all over its history.”

As for its actual value, seller Girardo & Co. isn’t saying but it’s a safe bet the car is worth more than the $6.9 million it sold for in 2014 at Pebble Beach. For more on GT/108, watch this:

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