Five Delicious Breakfasts You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Our favorite first meals from all over the globe

By The Editors

Five Delicious Breakfasts You’ve Likely Never Heard Of
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29 December 2015

Ten out of ten concerned mothers agree: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Did you skip breakfast today? Yeah. We did, too.

So, in 2016, we resolve to eat more breakfasts. But not cereal. Or pancakes. Or even artisanal bacon. Next year, we’re determined to switch things up next year by digging into first square meals from all over the globe. Below: the five exotic dishes at the top of our list.

Place of Origin: India
The Dish: Morning dosas. Also known as: the Indian crepe. Light. Delicious. Dead simple to make, and can be filled with sweet or savory sides like, say, a chutney.
Recommended Recipe: Food52

Place of Origin: Dominican Republic
The Dish: In the D.R., you’ll find morning risers munching on mangú, a dish made by boiling and mashing plantains with butter. Add fried eggs and salami and you’ve got what locals affectionately call Los Tres Golpes, or “The Three Hits”.
Recommended Recipe: Dominican Cooking

Place of Origin: China
The Dish: In China and many parts of Asia, a typical breakfast often includes congee, a simple rice porridge often punched up with a protein, garlic and scallions. Warm and filling, it’s a savory alternative to oatmeal that’s easy to prep and high-energy.
Recommended Recipe: Saveur

Place of Origin: Israel
The Dish: The ultimate eggs-for-dinner meal: shakshuka. We love this Israeli breakfast because it’s a one-pan dish: eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce with a helping of earthy spices. Best served with bread to help sop up the juices.
Recommended Recipe: The New York Times

The Full English
Place of Origin: England
The Dish: We love a classic British fry-up mostly because we love a huge f***in’ breakfast. It’s no-frills. In fact, it’s ugly. Eggs. Bacon. Sausage. Mushroom. Beans. Pint of ale optional, but recommended.
Recommended Recipe: Jamie Oliver

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