What Do You Get When You Cross Sea Trash and Rum?

The world's prettiest liquor bottle, that's what.

By Kirk Miller

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15 May 2017

“Get wasted” has an entirely new meaning.

Which is an exact phrase used by Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum, a new dark rum that turns waste from the North Sea into reusable packaging.

Dubbed the first sustainable rum label, the Dutch-based Fitzroy melts, blends and presses waste from the nearby North Sea into sustainable marble for their bottle caps, and utilizes recycled glass for their bottles (which they also encourage you to reuse, but you might be reluctant to part with these even after the last drop's gone).

Most of the waste is from Coca-Cola wrappers, interestingly, meaning you’re (sort of) getting a rum and Coke with each bottle. Their joke, not ours.

All profits from these bottles are donated to the Dutch North Sea Foundation.

So, drink up: It’ll save the planet.

(H/t Airows)

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