Top Secret New Jeep May Be Spoiling for a Fight With Land Rover

Jeep fanatics are beside themselves over a leaked photo

By Shari Gab

Never Before Seen Jeep Wants to Pick a Fight With Range Rover
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20 October 2016

Hey 2019 Jeep Wagoneer, is that you?

Photographer Glenn Paulina has posted an image of what he calls “a never-before-seen model that clearly looks to sit atop the range in both size and in grandeur.” (Atop the range. Get it?) It looks like a Wagoneer, so it it must be a Wagoneer.

Well, maybe.

Maybe if we could actually see it.

The photo has the “Wagoneer” conveniently paired with what appears to be a Grand Cherokee and a Cherokee, presumably for comparison's sake. Then again, we don't know if the scale is the same, since the shot is a composite. There’s also speculation that what we’re looking at may very well be just the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Whatever it is, Jeep fanatics are freaking out over the leaked photo, and the Vaseline-on-the-lens shot is sparking the sort of excitement typically reserved for a new generation of iPhone or a Beyoncé selfie.

After five years of teasing, Jeep brand head Mike Manley tossed it out there not long ago that the 2019 model Wagoneer would aim to compete with the Land Rover in price (approx. $140k), luxury and size. And no doubt he meant it. After all, it was just last year that Fiat Chrysler head Sergio Marchionne mentioned in an interview with Bloomberg that “When I see a Range Rover on the street, my blood boils, because we should be able to do a thing like that.”

We don't want any boiling blood. That's very unhealthy.

All we can truly say for sure about the mystery machine is that it has seven LEDs per headlight, a wider seven-slot chrome grill and a meaner look. Oh and if it is actually to-scale, it’s f***ing huge.

Time will tell. But when that time comes, we’ll be there — behind the school, 3pm sharp — for the showdown.

via Truck Yeah!
photo credit: KGP Photography

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