Meet the Contenders for This Year's Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

Where natural majesty meets DERP

By Athena Wisotsky

Meet the Contenders for This Year's Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
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19 October 2016

This is a PSA.

A PSA to ask that you stop imposing your unrealistic expectations of awe-inspiring majesty on the animal kingdom. They are living creatures, too, and deserve to have off-days like the rest of us.

Off-days you can behold in stunning high-definition thanks to the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards, an annual competition that gives nature photographers a chance to showcase the less-photogenic of their subjects for the delight of the rest of us.

This year’s finalists have just been announced, and we chose a few of our personal favorites to share:

Photo: Barb D'Arpino

"It's my cheat day."

Photo: Edward Kopeschny

"No, I haven't seen your pet hamster, I didn't even know you had a hamster, I don't appreciate this line of questioning, good day to you."

Photo: Adam Parsons

Barber: What do you want?
Bear: I've been really into '80's synth-pop lately
Barber: Say no more

Photo: Olivier Steiner

"Now flow into Downward Pika and breathe, breathe, breathe."

Photo: Angela Bohlke

"The Youtube tutorial made it look so easy."

Image: Anup Deodhar

“You shall not pass.”

If you love what you see, follow the Comedy Wildlife Photography’s Instagram account for more doofy animals.

Main image:  Rob Kroenert

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