Ferrari’s Family Car Is … Wait, Ferrari’s Making a Family Car?

This four-seat coupe is the supercar of the streets

By The Editors

Ferrari’s Family Car Is … Wait, Ferrari’s Making a Family Car?
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09 February 2016

Ferrari has unveiled its take on the four-seat family car and it’s a hot one. Scorching, in fact.

Family road trip memories of Clark Griswold and Christie Brinkley on the highway? Imagine that, but instead of a Family Truckster, think Ferrari’s new GTC4Lusso.

Designed with the family man in mind, the 690 HP GTC4Lusso can hit 62 MPH in 3.4 seconds thanks to its V12 engine with a max speed of 207 MPH. The automaker of dreams equipped the coupe with both four-wheel drive and a four-wheel steering system, a formidable pairing that allows it to “deliver formidably sporty performance even in very low grip conditions.”

The interior was churched up, too, with a Double Cockpit design that comes complete with an improved steering wheel and a navigation/entertainment system that’s controlled by a 10.25” HD touchscreen.

There’s no word on a price as of yet, but even if the family model does well, don’t expect to see a Ferrari SUV on the road anytime soon. Said Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne on a souped-up SUV: “You have to shoot me first."

Fine by us. Question still remains for the GTC4Lusso, however.

“Are we there yet?”

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