Damn Right, This Ferrari Enzo's Got the Blues

Only 400 were made. Here's one of them.

By Shari Gab

Damn Right, This Ferrari Enzo's Got the Blues
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08 August 2017

When the Ferrari Enzo was released 15 years ago, it coincided with the Italian carmaker's commitment to Formula 1 racing. What followed was, to this day, its unmatched feat of taking home five consecutive F1 championships.

It’s not difficult to see why.

In 2002, then Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo announced that it was time to honor the Italian company’s esteemed founder, and thus the Enzo was born.

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Its design paved the path to the tipping point that solidified Ferrari’s racing future, using futuristic materials for maximum weight saving, with a carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb chassis weighing in at just 200 pounds. Add aluminum sub-frames to the chassis tub, Pininfarina coachwork and a six-speed dual-clutch transaxle with column-mounted paddle-shifters, reaching 60 MPH from a standstill in just 3.3 seconds, and you get the endlessly fascinating steed we see here.

Blu Enzo (4 images)

This particular Enzo (one of just 400 units produced), a “genetic link between the sensuous F50 and the hybrid LaFerrari,” is touting just 5,520 miles on the odometer. But she’s likely the only millennial hypercar you’re bound to find finished in a truly breathtaking Blu Tour de France hue.

Come this September 6th at RM Sotheby’s one lucky winner will be sliding into the Enzo’s immaculate tan leather seats and jetting into the sunset. And while no specific estimates have been released, it’s likely that the cowboy will be leaving about $2 million lighter.

Head on over to RM Sotheby's for the full detail. 

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