Father's Day Gift Guide
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Father's Day Gift Guide

How to treat dad right, by Mr. Ed Burns

  • 10 June 2013

Father's Day is June 16th. Your dad deserves more than a necktie. But don't take our word for it. Take Ed Burns's. Our partner and curator (pictured with his dad, above) reveals how to proceed. This is your Father's Day Gifting Guide.

Everybody gets Father’s Day all wrong.

It’s not “Hey dad, I got you this tchotchke.” Or “Hey dad, I hear you like neckties.” Yeah, neckties are great or whatever, but where’s the story?

Because think about it: whatever you give him lives beyond the moment of giving. You’re giving him something to tell his friends about. To show off. You’re giving him a story to tell.

That’s your opportunity on Father’s Day.

The opportunity to have an experience with dad. To create a story. InsideHook has found some of the best experiences to do just that, and they’re right here in our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

And if you’re a dad – like I am – Father’s Day is also the opportunity to make a memory with your kids. There are some ideas in the guide about that, too.

Don’t roll your eyes.

Don't you roll your eyes at Father’s Day.

Get Father’s Day right. Get out there and make it memorable.

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Father's Day Gift Guide

It's on the arm, pally

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