Father's Day Gift Guide
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Father's Day Gift Guide

For once, give him a good gift. Here's how.

  • 03 June 2014

Dads are difficult men to buy gifts for.

You buy the wrong gift for Mom, she loves the thought anyway. Buy the wrong gift for Dad, his displeasure may make you question your manhood.

But dammit man, you’ve got to try. Start here: our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Before you get started, a few guidelines:

1) If he doesn’t already know how it works, he doesn’t care.

2) He doesn’t want to learn anything.

3) You’re not going to change his style. Put down the skinny tie.

4) Dad might be a sap. Don’t underestimate sentiment.

5) Liquor. It always works.

6) Grandchildren work too.

Enjoy the Father’s Day Gift Guide fellas.

May it lead you well.

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Father's Day Gift Guide

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