When You Want to Live on the Farm but Nah

Oven, fireplace, two lofts — in less than 300-square-feet

By Alex Lauer

When You Want to Live on the Farm but Nah
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03 April 2017

The idea and the implementation of mobile tiny homes can be antithetical. You want an apartment-sized abode to live off the grid, but the intricacies of a custom build can leave you yearning for the suburbs. For stylish simplicity, take a gander at the Farallon.

The farmhouse-meets-loft digs are designed by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, the same outfit behind the Portland, Oregon-adjacent vacation compound Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. To wit: they know all about the balance of form and function.

Farallon 1 (4 images)

For function, the Farallon is “a RVIA Certified Travel Trailer RV with standard RV hookups for water and electrical,” so taking this on the road is a piece of cake. Speaking of baking, the customization options abound, including an oven, drawer stairs, washer/dryer and USB outlets.

As Inhabitat writes, it can also “be set up to function off the grid or to use propane, while the bathroom can be equipped with a composting toilet or low-flush toilet to reduce waste.”

Farallon 2 (4 images)

As for form, the tough exterior gives way to a decidedly homey interior, that can run 218- to 292-square-feet of usable space. The hardwood finishing, loft design and optional additions of skylights and an electric fireplace will make you forget you’re living in a space smaller than your college-aged relatives. And if you add a second loft to the 26-foot version it can sleep up to six people. Then it’ll feel like your college days.

The basic 20-foot edition will set you back $62,950, while the 26-footer is $72,950. (That’s without the oven and USB outlets, mind you.)

Too much for your budget? Tumbleweed also offers starter kits, trailers and building plans for the DIY-inclined.

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