For Sale: South Carolina's Hurricane-Proof ‘Eye of the Storm’ House

Where was this when the three little pigs needed it?

By Tanner Garrity

For Sale: South Carolina's Hurricane-Proof ‘Eye of the Storm’ House
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18 July 2018

Take a walk down many an East Coast beach — the Shore, the Outerbanks, the Keys — and you’ll still see folks building their dream homes on four-foot wooden stilts just a shell’s throw from the ocean. These people either haven’t heard the names Irma, Harvey, Maria and Sandy … or they don’t care.

Beach houses are expensive no matter how you slice it. But why not pay a little extra in the way of functional, safe design to protect your investment (not to mention your loved ones)?

Look no further than the “Eye of the Storm” house on Sullivan’s Island, 10 miles from Charleston, Sourth Carolina. The 4,000-square-foot dwelling, also known as a “monolithic dome home,” resembles a mega-sized version of Luke Skywalker’s childhood abode on Tatooine.

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Dome-oriented designer George Paul built the home in 1991 for his parents following the havoc of Hurricane Hugo, which tore their previous one apart. His creation utilizes eight massive ground-floor archways, which allow storms to surge through (essentially under) the structure while leaving it unscathed.

The Eye of the Storm, though, is also an ideal peacetime house. Its white exterior recalls Santorini terra cotta, while the interior — three bedrooms, five bathrooms, Japanese soaking tub — is swimming with recently updated amenities.

This is the first time the home’s ever been on the market, and it’s listed for a shade under $5M. Find more information here.

Images from Pareto Group

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