Emily Ratajkowski Just Launched a Lingerie Brand. Should You Gift It?

We asked the women of InsideHook to weigh in

By Kirk Miller

Emily Ratajkowksi Body lingerie
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11 February 2019

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski just launched a lingerie line called BODY.

Let’s rephrase: “model, actress, feminist, and designer” Emily Ratajkowski just launched BODY, an offshoot of her swimwear line Inamorata, which was made up of “cool, streamlined pieces you can wear to the corner bodega and everywhere else in between.” BODY appears to be an extension of that MO, up to and including the bodega angle (see photos below). And according to its creator/star, it's “so much more than lingerie.”

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Both the underwear and prices actually seem quite modest, but what do we know? Curious, we asked the women of InsideHook for their take on Ratajkowski’s new line and whether you should gift it for V-Day.

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Their thoughts ...

  • “Looks a little skimpy, but [then again] I was gifted a piece from Rihanna's Fenty line and love the piece.”
  • “If her intention is for me or any real-life woman anywhere to wear these pieces as she does — in the aisles of our local bodegas — then no, def not.”
  • “Highly questionable as to whether these pieces work for different body types. Not mad about those bike shorts thoooo.”
  • “I can't get to the Inamorata trees inside the lingerie forest ... lingerie is just such a no for me, dawg.”

So, a mixed bag of takes. The only real consensus here? That gifting lingerie is a risk (size, style, is it really more a gift for you?, etc.) and you should probably read a more thorough buying guide before you even think about going down that road.

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