There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Dressing a Land Rover Up Like a Tank

It eats pieces of dirt road for breakfast

By Evan Bleier

There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Dressing a Land Rover Up Like a Tank
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08 June 2017

“Project Viper” isn’t the name of a Dolph Lundgren movie, Mötley Crüe album or a covert Russian hacking initiative that James Comey testified about during a certain Senate hearing, sadly.

In reality, Project Viper is the name of the first build that our friends at East Coast Defender just released from their newly created Ultimate Vehicle Concept division and, TBH, it’s a doozy.

Using an ‘86 Land Rover Defender 130 as a base, the UVC division handcrafted an SUV that’s rugged enough to go off-roading in the Adirondacks during the day and stylish enough to carry its owners out to a fancy dinner in the Hamps at night.

Under the hood, the one-off build is packing a 6.2-liter Chevy LS3 V-8 engine with 430 ponies that’s been paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Not content with those upgrades, East Coast also outfitted the Viper with a custom suspension system featuring King Off-Road Racing shocks and two-inch lifted coil springs that all ride on top of custom  20-inch wheels.

Project Viper (8 images)

All that brawn is paired with luxury touches like a touchscreen infotainment system, a reverse camera, interior mood lighting, heated leather seats and a custom Morel speaker system.

“We created UVC in response to the overwhelming demand from clients who want a pure, handcrafted SUV that is not limited by a specific Bill of Materials or budget,” said ECD owner Scott Wallace. “With one-of-one builds, like the Viper, we’re pushing the creative envelope with bigger, more capable trucks that celebrate our heritage with added daily comfort and reliability.”

Helluva way to make a first impression.

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