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This Sweater Is “Sheep to Shelf”

America’s finest wool clothing. All warmth, no sweat

  • 07 November 2014

It’s wool season.

Wool’s awesome.

It’s breathable.

It keeps you warm when you’re wet and it’s an eminently renewable resource.

And now, there’s a fantastic wool outpost that’s 100% American sourced, spun and knitted.

It’s called Duckworth, and they’re online now.

This is Rambouillet wool (basically, an American offshoot of French merino) shorn from flocks in the Montana Rockies.

The final product is crafted out east in the Carolinas.

So, 100% made in the U.S.A.

Duckworth call their controlled ranching process “sheep to shelf.”


Their stuff? Not “cute,” but soft and durable.

Pairs with pretty much any of your winter gear.


Stuff we liked:

Plus, plenty of loose-fitting wool henleys, snorkel hoodies and knit rigger hats.

Embrace the warmth.

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