You Say 'Best Steaks at Home,' We Say 'Dry-Aging Beef Fridge'

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By Reuben Brody

You Say 'Best Steaks at Home,' We Say 'Dry-Aging Beef Fridge'
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28 June 2017

A while back we made a video called the Five Rules to Pairing Steak and Whiskey, in which Chef David LeFerve of L.A.’s notable The Arthur J paired five different whiskeys with five different cuts of meat.

It would’ve been a sin to let that food go to waste. So, after the shoot we dug in, and the best steak, hands down, was the dry aged T-bone.

Dry-aging gives meat a rich funk, similar to a blue cheese. Restaurants and butchers upcharge for this process because it’s time-consuming — usually 28 days and beyond. However, all dry-aging needs is a regulated temperature over an extended period of time. The process tenderizes the meat and gives it its flavor.

To do this at home, you'll want something like a Dry Ager. Is it overkill to own a fridge dedicated to the art of aging beef? Probably. But a true steak lover knows no bounds.

The German company has been making these fridges for restaurants and butchers since the '80s. They also make 'em for the home kitchen, too. These machines will keep temp at 35 degrees with a humidity of 85 percent, all of which is controllable depending how much and what type of meat you’re aging (pork ages differently from beef). You can also salt their air with their Saltair feature.

The tinted glass keeps the harmful UV rays off the meat while allowing your mouth to water every time you pass by it. 

Head on over to the Dry Ager for more details. 

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