Are You Sort of Evil and Looking for a Misty Mountain Retreat?

They call it 'Brutalist' for a reason

By Diane Rommel

Are You Sort of Evil and Looking for a Misty Mountain Retreat?
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19 May 2017

Looking for a misty, moody mountain retreat — one part Ex Machinatwo parts Bat Cave? We've found it, where you might have least expected it: in Ukraine's Carpathian Mountains. 

The Carpathians are Ukraine's version of the Rockies: there's skiing in the winter, mountain biking in the summer and other assorted adventure sports year-round. That makes this cabin a bit of an aesthetic outlier. As is the case in the States, the vacation house vibe there is usually more a timbers-and-wood paneling affair.

For a certain aesthetic, though, this 150-square-meter residence (that's about 1,700 square feet) by Kiev architecture studio Sergey Makhno Architects makes perfect sense. Most Brutalists don't have a lot of options in the vacation-home category. This concrete structure is clad in weathered steel, giving it a time-out-of-time appeal; it surrounds a pool and various metalworks. 

ukraine (6 images)

You like? We like — especially the use of the weathered steel cladding around a swimming pool. (We're less excited about the statue — what's that guy doing there?)

The firm told Dezeen that their ideal buyer would be someone who "runs his own company, living in a megalopolis but from time to time wants to escape from a bustling city."

Don't we all?

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