Deal Breaker: January 12th

10 Domestics Under $200. 10 Intl's Under $500.

By The Editors

Where to Jetset on the Cheap This Week
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12 January 2016

Every man wants to travel the world. Very few men can afford to travel the world. Somewhere in the middle: men who can't afford to travel the world but do it anyway.

Their secrets are many. They know where to look. They know how to exploit the points system. And above all, they keep their destinations flexible. With that in mind, we're teaming up with the watchdogs of the friendly skies at Hitlist each week to bring you 20 great deals departing from 10 major U.S. cities: some domestic, some to parts abroad.

All domestic flights are under $200; all international are under $500.

See something you like? Pull the trigger. These deals won't last.*

Boston to ...
Madrid under $450
Seattle under $200

Chicago to ... 
Prague under $460
Los Angeles under $70

Denver to ... 
Reykjavik under $490
Tampa under $90

Houston to ...
Bogota under $420
New York under $180

Los Angeles to ...
Barcelona under $450
Boston under $160

Miami to ... 
Brussels under $420
Las Vegas under $90

New York to ... 
Paris under $420
Dallas under $70

Philadelphia to ...
Quito under $400
Chicago under $70

San Francisco to ...
Tokyo under $480
Chicago under $120

Washington, D.C. to ...
Berlin under $410
Los Angeles under $80

*Prices current as of press time and subject to change 

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