K-Y Insists Practically Every Guy Suffers From Premature Ejaculation

Not us, of course. You kidding me? Heh heh, no way, dude!

By The Editors

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29 September 2016

How far would you go to get a hammock, a FitBit or a gift card for one of NYC’s best restaurants?

If the answer is “I’d be willing to scream about premature ejaculation at the corner of Greenwich and Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District while strangers judge me,” man, you missed out.

That’s basically what K-Y asked participants to do during an event called the PE Challenge that was promoting the brand’s new “Duration” spray: shout about their affliction at the top of their lungs, and win a prize.

According to K-Y, the lidocaine spray will help the 89% of men who want to last longer do just that and prevent them from using tricks like starting-and-stopping or changing positions (80%), thinking about baseball (40%) or picturing an older woman like their grandmother (24%).

Consider picking up a bottle. Your girlfriend will thank you, and so will your grandmother. 

(Ed. note: Or don't. If you recognize the word lidocaine, it's probably because you've used it as a numbing agent after going under the knife for some type of oral procedure. So, yeah. Numbing agent + private parts = better sex? Color us skeptical.)

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