Wanna Design Your Own Personal Johnnie Walker Blend?

‘My Edition’ is every Scotch lover’s dream

By Evan Bleier

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08 August 2017

In 1820, a Scottish grocer in the town of Kilmarnock began to experiment with creating his own brand of whisky by mixing together different single malts. Eventually, he came up with a blend he liked enough to put his name on it.

Now, about 200 years later, Johnnie Walker is giving customers a chance to do the same thing.

The iconic brand’s first foray into crowdfunding, the My Edition initiative allows drinkers to craft their own personalized bottle of Scotch whisky using a combination of single malts from any distillery on the Johnnie Walker roster. Whether they like their Scotch smoky and peaty or rich and fruity, backers of the the My Edition project will use a digital tool created with input from Johnnie Walker’s master blenders to come up with their personal blend.

To add an additional layer of personalization to the process, backers will also get to design a one-of-a-kind bottle label for their bespoke blend. For an extra fee, interested customers can even engrave their bottle with a unique message or image, or purchase a limited-edition presentation box.

My Edition Walker (2 images)

“By backing this project, you will not only be one of the first to own an individually numbered My Edition, but you will also have the chance to join our Founder Panel — a group of whisky pioneers who will help us shape this product now and in the future,” the company says. “We’re excited to work with you to keep pushing the boundaries of whisky.”

Pricing levels for a personalized bottle start at $59 and they should be ready by Christmas. You can also use the tool to simply learn about your personal “flavor profile” for just $5.

Walk on.

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