No One Said a Tiny Home Couldn't Be a Smart One

'You did WHAT in 330 square feet?!'

By Evan Bleier

No One Said a Tiny Home Couldn't Be a Smart One
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16 May 2017

We’ve seen smart homes.

We’ve seen tiny homes.

And now, courtesy of Portland-based Covo Tiny House Co., it appears that the twain have met.

A build that checks off many of the tiny home standards we’ve become accustomed to (a lofted bed, composting toilet, no backyard), the Covo Mio sets itself apart with features like a Bluetooth sound system, smartphone-controlled LEDs and a remote-controlled smart door lock.

In addition to those high-tech amenities, the 330-square-foot home also has a Nest thermostat, a 50-inch television, an Amazon Echo and built-in USB ports, all controlled by a Wink Hub.

Smart tiny home (6 images)

Designed to be as “inspiring as it is cozy,” the Mio is supposed to free its owner from debt, clutter and “from being tied down for decades to the same small patch of earth.”

Freedom ain’t free (the build is priced close to $97,630), but dang if it doesn’t look worth it.

Here’s where to get smart.

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