Here’s a Coaster for Your Couch, You Clumsy Buffoon

Dumb idea or surprisingly useful?

By Evan Bleier

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24 January 2017

Of all the household sins one can commit, spilling on the couch is cardinal. Especially if said couch is white.

But despite our best efforts, it happens.

No more.

To make sure your drink of choice — be it hot or cold, encased in mug, glass or bottle — is secure at all times, the CouchCoaster offers a beverage safe space on the arm of your couch. Designed for one-size fits all storage, the flexible holder is made from silicone and can affix to a couch arm that measures as narrow as 5.5 inches in width.

The coaster isn’t cheap (around $20) but can you really put a price on your couch’s security?

Sit safe. 

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