This Kaleidoscopic Island Xanadu Has Exactly One Hotel Room

Found the end of the rainbow.

By Alex Lauer

This Kaleidoscopic Island Xanadu Has Exactly One Hotel Room
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08 June 2017

If you’ve been to Ibiza, chances are you’ve indulged in the renowned nightlife.

And when the sun rose over your big-box hotel or economical Airbnb, chances are you got hit with an ice bucket full of cold, hard, vodka-infused reality. That’s why, next time, you’re staying at the Ibiza Glam

You’ll find the hotel room in architect Jean Nouvelle’s serpentine Boas de Ibiza building. A can’t-miss sight even on the idyllic Mediterranean island, it’s hemmed with greenery and vibrant colors that span the whole rainbow.

For a while, it was strictly a residential complex, as noted by Design Milk. But now they’ve opened up the exclusive complex — interior infinity pool, spa, fitness center, cinema, amenities and all — to one set of guests per night.

Ibiza Glam (5 images)

The lodging is facilitated by Creamhotel, a company that knows a thing or two about one-off residences: they focus on “vacation rentals [they] personally handpicked and that range from local, characteristic accommodations to design-oriented, luxury solutions.” Ibiza Glam assuredly falls under the latter.

Starting at $690 a night, the two-bed, two-bath room is furnished with designer furniture, an “American style” kitchen, and artwork and flora that echo the vibrant facade. Out on the balcony, you can take a load off and look out over Dalt Vila (the old town), the yacht marina Botafoch or Formentera Island. 

Yes, you will be tempted to stay in.

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