The 'Close Encounters' Screening at Devils Tower Is Movie Nirvana

Wanna celebrate the sci-fi classic's 40th ann'y on location?

By Kirk Miller

Close Encounters
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21 August 2017

Forget the eclipse. The best celestial event of the summer is just a few weeks away: a screening of Steven Spielberg’s seminal alien flick Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Wyoming’s Devils Tower.

Celebrating the film’s 40th anniversary, sponsor Syfy’s 25th year and host Alamo Drafthouse’s 20th year, the Labor Day screening takes place at the base of the rock formation that was central to the film’s climax (cue the iconic five-note sequence).

Also on hand: mashed potato stations so you can make your own "this means something" sculpture, drones “buzzing overhead like alien spacecraft,” campfires and more.

Can’t make it to Wyoming? Other Alamo celebrations this year include a Josie and the Pussycats reunion in Los Angeles — laugh all you want, we’ll be thrilled to hang out with Rachael Leigh Cook and Letters to Cleo — and a woodsy outdoor screening in Austin with star Bruce Campbell for an Evil Dead 2 screening.

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