These Climbing Windows, in Every Glass Skyscraper, Stat

An easier way to climb the corporate ladder

By Evan Bleier

These Climbing Windows, in Every Glass Skyscraper, Stat
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14 July 2017

Ah, the lunch break.

Time to cull through spam, catch up on Netflix and maybe, if you're lucky, eat lunch.

For workers in a 62-story skyscraper currently under construction in London, lunch will also be a time to climb the corporate ladder. Or shoould we say climb the corporate climbing wall?

Home to the city's first ever "climbing window,” the Twentytwo concept office building will give thrill-seeking employees the opportunity to climb a clear glass wall 410 feet above the ground.

In addition to the wall, Twentytwo will have additional enticing lunch break options like a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, retreat and spa, business club, cycling hub and about 1.275 million square feet of office space for overtime seekers to take advantage of.

"We recognize the role of the office has changed, with workplaces now needing to do so much more than simply accommodate people," said project developer Sir Stuart Lipton to CNN. "Twentytwo will be a truly social workplace with different spaces for people to socialize, focus and energize. It represents how we will all be working in the future."

Apparently no one in the future will be afraid of heights.

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