These Robes Will Help You Achieve Peak Mellowness

Cleverly Laundry: Sleepwear for “masculine icons”

By Kirk Miller

These Robes Will Help You Achieve Peak Mellowness
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22 June 2017


The least relaxing command in the English language.

Better words to unwind?

“Wear this.”

“This” being Cleverly Laundry, a new line of plush terry-cotton robes, PJs and bed sheets.

Cleverly (6 images)

Founded by two Australian architects, CL launched earlier this year on Mr. Porter and, just now, on its own website. The company was inspired by the idea that the “classic masculine icons of the past still had to have sheets, towels, robes and pyjamas to come home to after they’d been out adventuring, creating, fighting, loving or just drinking daiquiris for breakfast.”

Works for us.

So you’ll get a variety of ridiculously plush cotton-terry robes (in a Hefner-esque smoky red or navy) with a shawl collar, “sausage” style belt for secure knotting and deep patch pockets. Short and long PJ sets with drawstring waists and deep front pockets, with a look that’s almost nice enough to double as casual summer wear. And navy/grey bath towels that get better looking with use.

Plus, some reversible, Victor Vasarely-inspired swim towels and off-white bed sheets that come tagged (for easier bed making) in two flexible sizes that should fit any mattress size or thickness. And Mr. Porter has a CL two-tone denim laundry bag made from Italian selvage denim.

Almost nice enough to make you get out of bed and start your day.


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