Behold: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, Trading Vicious Insults

‘Your beard is so thin ... wait, I can’t talk about my pubes.’

By Kirk Miller

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13 December 2016

“During our sex scene, I felt your dick rubbing into me.”

Despite the photo you see above, that’s not Jennifer Lawrence insulting Chris Pratt.

That’s Chris Pratt insulting Jennifer Lawrence.

Damn. In a new round of BBC Radio 1’s “Playground Insults” — which is the U.K.’s great answer to “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets” — the two usually lovable stars trade childish insults on the air.

It’s a tough game: both actors — who co-star in the upcoming sci-fi flick Passengers — hover between clever (Pratt: “I told you that you act like Adele sings. I hate Adele.”), vicious (Lawrence: “Where do you keep your Oscar?”) and befuddled (Pratt: “I can’t think of anything bad about you.”). They also delve into some R-rated territory.

When you’re done, check out the other Playground Insults, including Mark Wahlberg vs. Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen vs. Chloe Grace Moretz and Will Smith vs. Margot Robbie.

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