Ghostwriter: This Laser Keyboard Is an Illusion, Still Types

The world’s first projectable 2D keyboard is aptly named Epic

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Ghostwriter: This Laser Keyboard Is an Illusion, Still Types
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20 January 2016

Since Theodore Maiman invented the “ruby laser" in 1960, they’ve improved planetariums and music festivals, removed hair and tattoos, and, yes, even been attached to the heads of freakin’ sharks.

Next order of business: provide on-the-go typists with an alternative to traditional 3D keyboards.

The folks at Celluon just debuted the Epic laser keyboard, a projectable, two-dimensional laser keyboard that pairs with your smartphone to lend you some QWERTY whenever and wherever you need it.

Celluon Epic Laser Keyboard1:44

The keys are beamed out via a projector the size of a credit card, with the end result resembling something outta Tron. The neon display works with any flat surface and mobile typists can use it by passing their fingers through the infrared light after pairing it with their Bluetooth-enabled accessories.

Other features you’ll love: an equally portable digital mouse and, most importantly, complete immunity to beer and coffee spills.

The Specifics

Epic Laser Keyboard

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