Holy Sh*t: Candide Thovex Just Skied the Great Wall of China

Snow? This man don't need no stinking snow.

By Tanner Garrity

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23 January 2018

There’s just nothing to say.

Had Candide Thovex lived a couple millenia ago and affixed his person to a pair of wooden planks, the whole lot of us would probably be worshiping at a giant statue of his likeness to this day.

In his most recent collab video for the Audi Quattro, the world’s greatest freeskier again proves powder is nothing more than an unnecessary frivolity. Taking the template of his previous video and then upping the stakes about a hundredfold, Thovex takes on the entire world this time around, zipping from the dusty sand trails of Marrakesh to the stone steps of the Great Wall of China … all the while dressed in full skiing garb, as calm and cool behind those orange goggles as you’ll be dumbfounded and gobsmacked while you watch him. 

Settle in and enjoy history. This modern day deity skis on water, too.

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