Life in a Roving Cabin Is the Ultimate Form of Working From Home

If this is telecommuting, sign us up

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Life in a Roving Cabin Is the Ultimate Form of Working From Home
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07 January 2016

One in five Americans worked from home last year. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you soon will be.

The future of telecommuting is a bright, efficient and underwear-clad one, its impacts on the way we live numerous and liberating. Like: the fact that you can live pretty much wherever you want — including on the road.

That’s the M.O. of newlyweds Brian and Joni Buzarde, who recently built themselves a cabin on wheels to complement their upwardly — and continentally — mobile lifestyle, as they shared with Dwell. Their  236-square-foot trailer-cabin (“Woody”) cost about $50,000 to build, measures 13.5 feet at its tallest point, and is fully highway ready.

Although the cedar-paneled cabin is presently stationed in the Rockies of Colorado (after traveling about 1,000 miles from Austin), its birch-veneer plywood interior is anything but rustic. The Buzardes and their dog are “roughing it” with four full rooms, insulated walls, myriad storage compartments, a 55-inch flatscreen TV and a cow-trough bathtub for good measure.

Check out a couple detail shots below.

Not a bad way to roll.

Images by Benjamin Rasmussen for Dwell

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