You Can't Take This Wrangler Four-Wheeling. Six-Wheeling, However...

An extra axle isn’t the only thing Bruiser Conversions added

By Alex Lauer

You Can't Take This Wrangler Four-Wheeling. Six-Wheeling, However...
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11 July 2018

A couple years ago, Florida-based Bruiser Conversions caught our eye when they apparently mated a Jeep Wrangler with a monster truck. Then back in October, the shop rolled into Las Vegas’s SEMA show with an even more brazen, god-playing mutant: a 6x6 Jeep Wrangler JKU Pickup.

As their name suggests, Bruiser Conversions mainly deals in engine conversions — specifically putting LS3s, Hemis and Cummins Turbo diesels into Jeep Wrangler JL, JK and TJ platforms. But it's their custom builds get the people going.

Case in point: a stand-by-your-Jeep diehard by the name of Willy Cabeza was the one who cooked up the idea for the Wrangler JK to 6x6 conversion, and he had to convince Bruiser’s owner Jeff Garland to tackle what ended up being a six-month undertaking.

6x6 Wrangler (6 images)

In line with their day jobs, the 6x6 got rid of the stock 3.6L Pentastar in favor of a 6.2L LS3 V8 that puts out 480HP. As for the jewel in the crown, underneath the extended back end you’ll find two nine-inch rear axles, the first with “a pass-through to drive the rearmost axle.”

But as Four Wheeler writes, no one puts this 19.5-foot-long, 6,800-lb. behemoth in a corner. After SEMA, Willy hit the trails and planned to beef it up even more with a supercharger.

Below, see Cabeza and Garland talk through the build and take it for a test drive:

Photos by Derek Booher via Bruiser Conversions

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