This Is Your Jeep on Steroids

Meet Body Armor 4x4. They make Body Armor .. for 4x4s.

By Shari Gab

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27 February 2017

There’s 4x4s built for off-roading, and then there’s these all-terrain brutes outfitted in Body Armor.

For over 10 years Body Armor 4x4 has been the go-to supplier for taking any off-roading vehicle to the extreme, including objects that burl up the look of your rig and preventative gear for those ‘Oh sh**!’ moments.

Body Armour (4 images)

Their highly reliable armor is designed to take a serious beating with gear like bumpers, tactical trail doors, differential covers, swing arm-style tire racks, LED-integrated roof racks and gas can holders designed for the bed of the truck. Plus, if you’re serious about the game, it wouldn’t hurt to tack on some light guards, step rails, skid plates and winches.

So be you a desert rat, overlander, outdoorsman or rockcrawler — and own a Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Cruiser, Dodge Ram, Tacoma, Tundra or Ford F350 — they’re excellent maniacs to know.

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