Need Us? We'll Be in a Restored Cedar Cabin Off the Coast of Vancouver.

Deep-soak tubs. Who needs tents?

By Tanner Garrity

Find Us in a Restored Cedar Cabin Off the Coast of Vancouver
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11 February 2019

One trend we can't see oversaturating the market anytime soon: cabin villages. 

Sure, some tent purists out there will always shout "fake camping" at revamped Airstreams or tiny homes. But who cares? It's tough to beat a restored retreat with a trail and a view, and that's exactly what's on the menu at Bodega Cove, a collection of 1960's-era cabins on Galiano Island, a wooded islet just two hours outside of downtown Vancouver. 

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Located in the Strait of Georgia, a US-Canada waterway border, Galiano is a 17-mile island blessed with a bevy of British Columbia parks, worn-shell beaches and migrating birds. Bodega Cove sits on the island's western banks and touts a collection of five Pacific redcedar cabins. The dwellings have seen their share of seasons, but are recently gutted, gleaming and eager to flex. 

While the exterior maintains some last-century lines (your dad could've come up here with his friends and a couple coolers), the interior looks like someone locked the Danes and Japanese in a room and said "Make it happen." Unobtrusive furniture, cedar slats, stainless steel kitchenette, deep-soaking tubs ... you've got everything you need to live comfortably and inspired between adventures in the woods or down by the surf. Keep your tents, purists.  

For more information on booking a cabin at Bodega, head here.

All images via Bodega Cove

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