You Could Buy an Airstream. Or You Could Buy About 70 of These.

Most affordable camper in the game?

By Michael Nolledo

You Could Buy an Airstream. Or You Could Buy About 70 of These.
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21 August 2017

In the splendid world of teardrop towables, there are fancy trailers and there are not-so-fancy trailers. We tend to cover both ends of the spectrum.

Because it doesn’t matter how you escape, as long as you do.

But there is another category — another route you can take, so to speak — and that’s building your own. While building out a teardrop camper might sound like a daunting DIY project, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think, not to mention friendlier on your wallet.

And that’s thanks to Birch Campers, a Philadelphia-based company who last year launched the Sprig, a fully pre-cut kit that just about anyone can assemble.

Spring camper (3 images)

If anything, it’s an industrious idea. That’s to say, what’s better than going off the grid in a camper you built yourself?

For $2,200, buyers get the basic kit, which after 40-50 hours of toiling, becomes a 4' X 7’ baltic birch teardrop camper that weighs in at 325 pounds. That’s light enough to be towed by most economy cars. Add in a ballpark number of $300 for hardware and finishing supplies, and you’ve got a getaway trailer more accessible than anything else on the market.

And yes, you get detailed instructions. Also a web forum. YouTube vids. The whole shebang.

For those who are perfectly comfortable swinging a hammer, Birch does offer fully customized kits, so ideally, you could order up your dream trailer.

Head on over to Birch Campers for more details.

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