Bill Burr Has a Decorated History of Yelling at Terrible Interviewers

There are no stupid questions. Only stupid people.

By Kirk Miller

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13 July 2017

Bill Burr does not suffer fools gladly.

Thankfully, most of those fools seem to enjoy the comedian’s caustic, 100% accurate takedowns.

A recent YouTube video from user uwho22 collects Burr at his most pointed.

A few lessons on interviewing Bur without getting one's proverbial pants pulled down:

  1. Don’t make false claims. To Colin Cowherd on the Celtics waiting out LeBron: “I didn’t say that ... why would you say I have a horrible theory without checking with me first? I don’t know anything about hoops ... I’m a 5’10” white guy.”
  2. Don’t give backhanded compliments. Again, to Cowherd, on being in his comedy “prime”: “Dude, I’m not like an athlete. I’m not going to blow out an Achilles and I can’t write a joke anymore.”
  3. Don’t make assumptions: Responding to the question “Are you from Southie?”, Burr yells, “No! That’s a Good Will Hunting question that I’ve answered for 15 years ... ‘Are you good at math? Do you like apples?’”
  4. Give the man a good chair. “I can’t get comfortable in this f*cking chair.” [Stagehand brings new chair] “Sir, the one comedy through line that’s working here is me sh*tting on this chair. Why would you take that from me?”
  5. Do your research. To an ill-prepared reporter: “I wasn’t a cop in Breaking Bad ... you didn’t do your research! You’re so busy, be worried about this [points to pocket square] matching this [grabs jacket]. Study up next time!”

Moral of story: when seated opposite an irascible middle-aged dude from Boston, tread lightly. Lest we forget, this man once took down an entire city ...

H/t Likecool

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Bud Light)

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