Best of February: Spending $ to make $$$$. Let’s review.

Your personal submarine awaits

By The Editors

The Most Interesting Ways to Spend Your Money
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26 February 2016

“Invest in yourself,” they said.

So we did.

While stocks see-sawed and unicorns were dying (or vomiting), we spent February putting together a financial plan based on forces we could control — and more importantly, enjoy.

Welcome to the world of physical investments. Will these things appreciate in value? Eventually. Will owning them make you a more interesting and enviable chap in the meantime? Definitely.

From vinyl to watches to submarines to the zany but endearing world of rare books, here is everything we learned this month about being a profitable hobbyist:

Booze: Rare whiskies that offer great taste and great value
Rare vinyl: Your dad’s record collection = your new vacation home
Furniture: Why mid-century modern is built to last, make you money
Watches: Time to see what that old Rolex was worth
Books: Read up, it’s a strange and (possibly) lucrative world
Cigars: Can you really smoke a 130-year-old cigar? Should you?
Renovations: Up your home’s value, sans contractor

And for your spending pleasure:

$344,511: Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche looks nice
Lingerie: The discreet art of shopping for that special lady (NSFW)
A museum-worthy $45K record player: Guess we shouldn’t have sold all our vinyl...
Wallets: The 10 best options for storing your savings
Oh, and a personal, deep-diving transparent sub.

Because when our finances go underwater, we’ll be waiting. In style.

Main image by Art Shay

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