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Best of February

Dirty movies. iBeds. Warren Buffett. Let’s review.

  • 27 February 2015

LunaThis iBed Helps You Sleep Better
Welcome to Luna, the world’s first smart mattress cover, designed to help you sleep better. The fitted sheet interacts with your body as you sleep, then an app computes those interactions. Plus, it warms up your side of the bed. Check it out.

YouTube10 Greatest YouTube Moments
To honor ten years of the video-sharing site, we present YouTube at its best (and worst): a cornucopia of oddball celebrities, snarky commentary and — on more occasions than you’d expect — real human emotion and startling originality. Check it out.

VippThe Luxury Cabin You’ve Always Wanted
A pre-fab getaway from an award-winning Scandinavian industrial design company, the Vipp is 600 square feet of jet-black coolness. It’s also what they call a “plug and play” home. Check it out.

HumpFilms for the Very Curious
Curated by renowned relationship columnist Dan Savage, HUMP! is a nationwide, sex-positive film fest that reveals “the broad (and creative) range of human sexuality.” Which means: no-holds-barred homemade movies, in five-minute, ahem, spurts. Check it out.

How to LookHow to Look Like You Give a Shit
It’s tough to look like you care. But you should try — because how you look while you’re listening goes a long way towards influencing people’s reactions towards you. Hence, our guide to being a better conversation partner. Check it out.

OpenfolioWarren Buffett’s Portfolio. Not Kidding.
Openfolio is a social network for investments. You follow people, stocks or groups you like, then compare your portfolio to theirs. Think of it as Foursquare for stocks and bonds, with a bit of stat analysis a la Moneyball. Check it out.

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